An Introduction To The Story

...It's called MOON RIVER not just from the music tone itself which is special but like the moon and river they looked beautiful together but they can't touch each other nor can they live together...

This is a sequel to MUSIC BOX story. When I started writing the script for Music Box last year (2009), I had a plan to make that story into a sequel. There is so much to tell from the lives of these incredible friends of mine. In Music Box, you had experienced the mental pain and anguish of both Toby Patrick Damson and Caren Larson Lee. Now in Moon River (the sequel), you will experience the love, anguish and magics of Toby's new girlfriend called Pamela Tanning (who appeared briefly in the Music Box feature film). To tell you more of this sequel will only destroy the magic that I am going to show you in this story. So enjoy the read. Have fun again!

*I am in the process of writing the story now. Please stay tuned. Thank you for reading this*

Director Rorne Tan
Independent Filmmaker


Pamela Tanning - Toby's new girlfriend after the divorce
Lilian Tanning - Pamela's mother
Toby Patrick Damson - Caren's ex-husband
Caren Larson Lee - Toby's ex-wife
Kelly Randall - Caren's best friend
Henie Goldwin - Toby's ex-mistress

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